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Fondarific: The Review
by Let them eat cake! (dawnspring)
at October 10th, 2008 (07:29 pm)

I think most members on this community have heard about the newest pre-made fondant on the market called Fondarific. There's been a lot of buzz about it, most of it positive. So, curiosity got the best of me and I ordered two sample packs of from them.

Last week my order arrived. Between the two packs I got a sample of every flavor they offer except Chocolate and Tutti Fruitti. So, I tore off a small bit and tasted each one. My list of flavors from best to worst are:

Chocolate Cherry

The buttercream and vanilla flavors are by far the best I've tried. They are creamier and more flavorful than Satin Ice and Fondx. It also has a buttery, melt in your mouth texture. It doesn't feel or taste like sweetened plastic or clay, but like actual icing. It is by far the softest fondant I've worked with, which is both a blessing and curse. More on that later.

I love just about anything Melon flavored, so I was very excited about the Melon flavor fondant. It totally lived up to hype. It's got a bit of a tang to it, which I like. In fact, it doesn't taste like fondant so much as it tastes like a Starburst. All of the flavored fondants had that sort of 'laffy taffy' texture and pliability to them. (The vanilla and buttercream fondants are more like Satin Ice in texture) One would have to be very careful what kind of cake they put this on as a covering. The flavor of the fondant will overpower the flavor of the cake pretty quickly. I'm almost thinking they would work best on white cake with a plain vanilla or cream cheese filling. Anything else and the flavor clash may not be desirable.

Just about all of the flavors were good, but there was one which was really, really, really bad, and that was the Chocolate Cherry. It didn't taste like either chocolate or cherry, but like stale root beer. EUGH. It also left a funky aftertaste on my tounge. It also had the same candy texture as the other flavors, which is something I don't want with chocolate. I want it to taste more creamy and silky. This? It's the fondant version of Chocolate Skittles. Definitely pass on this one! I have to admit it makes me leery of trying the plain chocolate. I'd rather get Chocopan or make my own instead.

The main thing that sets Fondarific apart from other fondants is that it can be refridgerated or frozen before AND after being put on a cake. All other brands of fondant get weepy or funky when in the fridge. Honest...I think Fondarific is meant to stay refridgerated, because after a few days sitting in my pantry I noticed the fondant was seperating. All my sample pieces how have this white greasy film all over. I don't think my pantry gets enough of the A/C to protect it from the Arizona heat. Fondarific HATES any kind of heat. :(

This brings me back to the hardiness of Fondarific. I mentioned that it's an incredibly soft fondant. It's strong enough that I suspect it would cover a cake or do cut outs just fine, but it is NOT good at all for 3D modeled decorations or flowers. I tried to make a couple of roses from the flavored fondants. First thing I noticed was the thinner I rolled Fondarific, the grainier it got. I could not get thin petals, and it crumbled under even the lightest touch with a modeling tool. I was finally able to get a rose made, but I had to make the petals really thick in order to stay up and not only did the roses not set, they remained soft and started to fall apart after a couple of hours. Maybe mixing gumpaste with it would help, but I think the actual consistency of the flavored fondants is not suitable for modeling. I didn't have much better luck with the buttercream and vanilla either. Wilton is still the best fondant for 'edible' decorations.

Overall, my impression of Fondarific is a good one. This stuff would be awesome to cover sugar cookies or a cake with. The colors are vibrant, it smells good, and doesn't have the stiff chewiness other fondants have.

The only major flaw that would keep me from ordering it is its sensetivity to heat. I live in a very hot, dry climate, and Fondarific keeps wanting to melt or dissolve on me. It wouldn't last five minutes on a cake that had to be outdoors for longer than it takes to carry it from the car to the door. It would have to stay in the fridge when I'm not working with it. But if you live in a cooler climate or make lots of cakes which have fillings that need to be refridgerated, Fondarific would be ideal.

Rating: A-
Satin Ice is still my overall favorite, but Fondarific is a worthy contender.


Posted by: Margie (cauldroncakebkr)
Posted at: October 11th, 2008 03:36 am (UTC)

I wonder if you mixed it with the satin ice if it would hold up better. I'll have to see if we can get it at work to try out in a cooler climate. We don't use it to cover cakes much at work. We mostly stick with butter ceam, but we do a lot with cut out work, like bows and dots.

Did it dry out at all or just stay soft? That would not work for things like bows.

Oh I put Satin Ice in the fridge all the time and it never gets wet or yucky. I even froze the chocolate Satin Ice one time. It was perfect after I took it out.

Posted by: Let them eat cake! (dawnspring)
Posted at: October 11th, 2008 04:26 pm (UTC)

This stuff never dried out. I would definitely not use it for bows or anything 3-D unless I mixed it with gumpaste first.

You're lucky! In my fridge Satin Ice turns to goo or gets wet spots all over it. MMF holds up better in the fridge, but it also becomes super chewy and doesn't taste right.

Might be a combo of the usual weather conditions, or I have a fridge that retains more moisture than other brands...

Posted by: leichenkeller (falling_empress)
Posted at: October 11th, 2008 03:39 am (UTC)

thanks for the review! i live in alaska so i wonder if this will stay up as well as you think in cold weather haha :)

i want to try the buttercream *-*

Posted by: dchockeyguy (dchockeyguy)
Posted at: October 11th, 2008 10:49 am (UTC)

I think I like the lemon better than you do, but I'm not a huge fan of the berry. I do like the buttercream. However, I find that Satin Ice is still easier to work with for me.

Posted by: Let them eat cake! (dawnspring)
Posted at: October 11th, 2008 04:22 pm (UTC)
charmingly psycho

I like the Lemon better than the Berry too actually :)

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: nansi (nsgidget)
Posted at: October 11th, 2008 12:32 pm (UTC)

Very helpful review. I think I may try the melon on my son's birthday cake.

Posted by: simply_amber (simply_amber)
Posted at: October 11th, 2008 11:05 pm (UTC)

Thank you. I might buy some of this stuff.

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