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I'm hoping there's still some people around here because I need a little help. I am throwing my parents a surprise 25th anniversary party and I need help with where I can get a cake topper. I don't want something cheap, I want something they can display afterwards. Does anyone have any ideas for me that they've used or have had clients use?
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Hi Everyone!

Hello!  I'm new to cake decorating having only recently discovered a passion for it.  So I thought I'd find a place to share my creations and also, I'm sure, learn a thing or two from others. 
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Cakes I made 2013

Hey all, these are some of the cakes I made in 2013.  I think I may have posted some of these last year, but it has been so long since I stop by that I can't remember.  I am not a pro, so most of these have a few mistakes that I was able to camouflage *grins*

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Tardis Cake Done!

Personally I think it's good for being a LONG time since I've done a cake and only doing it in two days but i still see a lot I could have improved on. i tried to handpaint the sign but the writing was SO small it was impossible even with the fine tipped brush. You can't see the pearl dust on the windows to make them shiny and the disco dust on the light to make it look like it's on but I'm happy with it Better next time.
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Wedding cake for my sister-in-law's wedding

I made several cakes for my SIL's wedding.: 3 tier (6-8-12 inch) vanilla cakes with buttercream icing, silver dragees, 80 MMF roses and candy melt letter M; chocolate 12 inch groom's cake with a photo of his car on top; and a 6" vanilla and buttercream cake for the top of a cupcake tower. I'm super proud of the 3 tier wedding cake. I'm not a professional decorator/baker and I only bake them for family and close friends. But I think this one turned out professional looking.Cathy and Carl wedding cake
Cathy and Carl tower topper-1
Cathy and Carl groom's cake-1
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A few of my most recent cakes

*dusts off this community* Anyone still out there?

It has been a long time since I've posted here. Mostly because I've been working so much. But here are some of my most recent cakes. Two of them I did for work and the last one I did on my own for my father's wedding.

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Mad Hatter Cake Pans

I'm looking at some mad hatter cake pans on Zulily and wondering for those that frequently make that style cake - would this make like easier or really not much different than shaving the shape yourself? I've never attempted one before and all I know is it can be a lot more challenging than you think to make a cake appear slanted.